The published page from the April Fool's Day issue of "The Voyager" April 2, 2014.

The University of West Florida's

"The Voyager"

Opinions Editor, 2013-2015

As a historian, it is not often that I get to write in first-person voice. In fact, I never get to write in anything other than objective third-person unless I am writing an email. Working as the opinions editor for a college newspaper became my outlet for expressing my feelings about the world. 

I wrote, edited, and designed a weekly column in which I delved into global topics like the use of chemical gas in Syria and net neutrality, national politics including the government shut down of 2013 and the importance of midterm elections. I covered university news such as the faculty's vote of "no confidence" about the president of the university. However, my most expressive and controversial opinion came about on April Fool's issues where I was able to declare once and for all that actor/comedian/director Pauly Shore is the greatest american actor of all time! 

Journalism and history, when done properly, are two moons orbiting the planet Time. Each field conducts thorough research to present the most honest and well-rounded facts to an audience that does not have the time to conduct the research themselves. I enjoyed every laugh and late night editing session because it was a way for me to practice my history training in a new field and setting while benefitting from the knowledge of a different department.