Publix Supermarkets

Customer Service Staff


Driving over the Three Mile Bridge from Pensacola into Gulf Breeze, and just before the bright neon marlin points the way to Pensacola Beach, is the Seashell Collections Shopping Center. At the center rests Publix Supermarket #1189, a company that has earned awards from Forbes, Indeed.com, Fortune, J.D. Power, and countless others.

Working my way up from a part-time bagger to Customer Service Staff, I grew within this company through my entire undergraduate degree. While my academic studies were focused on history, I earned experience that reaffirmed my desire to work with people and allowed me to flex my mentoring muscles. Responsible for up to thirty cashiers and baggers at a time, I was the gatekeeper and whip cracker on the front-line. I often independently ran the front desk, assisting customers and maintaining a ship-shape customer service space. They even let me count the money. All the money. Alone. At night (or in the morning before we opened). And with great responsibility comes great rewards. I am confident in my ability to manage a large part-time staff, provide excellent customer service, and maintain an efficiently friendly department.