Bachelor of Arts in History, Communications Minor from the University of West Florida

Master of Arts in Public History, Media and Film Specialization, from the University of West Florida: In progress, May 2017 expected graduation

Selected Research Papers:

  •  "Rebirth, Renew, Reimagine or: What does the Palafox Street Say?"
    • A look at the revitalization of downtown Pensacola, FL after the devastating Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Combines urban, local, and civil history in conjunction to studying the growth of businesses, residences, and civic properties.
  • "Let's Face It: The evolution of black face in Hollywood"
    • Critical analysis of the use of black face in Hollywood movies and asked the question, "Is there an appropriate use of black face?" Analysis revolved around three main films: Watermelon Man, Soul Man, and Bamboozled.
  • "DADA Black Sheep: The outcasts who formed a radical new art form"
    • Written for a course on Interwar Europe, the paper focuses on the founding members of the DADA art movement who used outlandish new art styles as a protest of the European military aggression. DADA went on to inspire other art movements like Pop Art and Surrealism. 
  • “This Paper Was Written in Front of a Live Studio Audience”
    • An examination of family sitcoms and their impact on America culture. Looking at three sitcoms from three separate decades and how they influenced the evolution of American culture, for better or worse. 


  • University of West Florida's The Voyager from 2013 to 2015
    • Opinions Editor
    • Weekly column discussing national, local, and university issues such as finances, politics, gun control, GMOs, and social injustices, to name a few. 
  • University of West Florida Student Scholar Symposium
    •  2017 Poster Presentation "History's Place in Documentaries"
    • 2015 Oral presentation of my "Rebirth, Renew, Reimagine" research paper.
  • Ogeechee International History Film Festival 2017
    • Screened a documentary short Frida Kahlo: A Documentary
    • Panel with other documentary directors about the process, research, and approach to each film and topic. 
  • Voices of Pensacola 2017
    • Both a private and public film screening of Pensacola Punks with Q&A.

Graduate Projects:  

  • Pensacola Punks -- An ethnographic-style documentary about Pensacola's punk and music scene, with interviews, live performances, and pictures. 

  • University Archives and West Florida History Center -- Creating a collection of the University’s Faculty Senate meeting minutes. 

  • Pensacola Society of Jazz -- Research on local jazz musicians, oral histories, and submitting the collection to various Pensacola archives


  • National Institute of Health Office of Extramural Research's "Protecting Human Research Participants" 
    • Completed September 16, 2015
  • Visual History Summer Institute 
    • 88 hours of professional training in documentary video production and history research.
    • Completed May 16 through May 26, 2016

Work Experience: 

  • University of West Florida History Department Graduate Research/Teaching Assistant

    • Research assistant for three professors: researched topics ranging from Native American slavery to commercial shipwrecks in the Great Lakes; edited manuscripts and assignments.
    • Teaching Assistant for AMH 2010 “American History to 1877” for a class of thirty students. Graded student assignments and papers; created weekly quizzes; kept records of attendance and student communications; held office hours to aid students. A minimum of ten hours a week for office hours, in-class lectures, and grading.
    • Kept students up-to-date on assignments, attendance, and any news about their classes.
    • Presented research to undergraduate classes: “An Introduction to Documentary Filmmaking” and “Filmmaking Equipment Tutorials” for Gender and Sexuality in Latin America; “History and Documentary Filmmaking” at the UWF History Club monthly meeting.
    • September 2016 to May 2017
  • University Archives and West Florida History Center Graduate Assistant

    • Organized and recorded total contents given by the UWF Faculty Senate to begin preparing documents for final collections. (87 boxes of correspondences, meeting minutes, agendas, etc.)
    • Inventoried and created a bibliography for each subcommittee.
    • Handled documents, microfilm, scanning equipment, and books used by the archives.
    • Completed twelve separate collections ready for accession and use by faculty and students.
    • September 2015 to July 2016
  • Visual History Summer Institute

    • Gained 88 hours of professional training at intensive video production workshop. Learned documentary filmmaking pre-production, production, and post-production.
    • Created a 5-minute documentary film for the Georgia Southern University Museum on prehistoric projectile points.
    • Relevant Equipment/Skills: Panasonic HD Camcorder, secondary audio recording, lighting equipment, and Adobe Premiere Pro.
    • May 16, 2016 to May 26, 2016
  • University of West Florida’s The Voyager
    • Learned journalistic research tools and techniques, while also using historical research skills to add historical context tying into the local and national news.
    • Utilizing various word processors, AP grammar style, Adobe InDesign, and journalistic writing.
    • Wrote, edited, and designed a one or two-page editorial for the UWF student newspaper.
    • Opinions Editor from September 2013 to May 2015.


  • The Society for Visual History
  • National Council of Public History
  • University of West Florida History Club
  • University of West Florida Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, Sigma Iota